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2017 the Search for Answers to more Questions.

this year, one should like to see 'some form of resolution to' a number of issues, listed below:

a re-painted image from early 2016
1) thirty-year anniversary-exhibition of my 2016-onwards abstract paintings.
My first one man show of thirty-two life-size psycho-figurative oil paintings was at St Helens Museum & Art Gallery in 1987. NB: while I didn't like the painting above (it was too early in the slow progressive phase of the 2016-paintings, too radical a development of both colour and form) I still believe this painting holds many of the keys to the forthcoming 2017-paintings in this abstract series. It's loss will be my art-gain. All in good time.

2) Free Planet becomes a worldwide phenomena.
War World (your current corporate horror world) must be allowed to crumble, organically... what happens then is up to You The People of all nations, a global agreement for our children's children.

3) Wilson/Blackett's Kings Arthurs I and II and so-called British History.
While I still have my doubts, I want closure on this very-intriguing concept that Arthur I and Arthur II really did protect the nation from many phases of invasion. Maybe also that they were wiped out by a massive meteorite in 562 AD allowing Anglo-Saxon spread into desolated lands of central England.

4) Thornhill/Talbott's Electric Universe, Electric Sun and proto-Saturn.
Electric sun, why not.
Electric universe, makes sense.
But proto-Saturn as the STARaround which the dinosaurs and (ultimately) modern man evolved... the jury needs more time to consider its verdict.

5) Ancient Stone-cutting (laser or sound) Cutting:
and then there's this, a massive stone open box cut from a lump of (7/10 on the Mohs-scale) rose granite in 2,000 BC that's impressive enough in itself, but then there's the back of the thing and potential evidence of stone-slicing technology that's the equivalent of 'a hot knife through butter'...


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Wallace Thornhill - The A-Z of Electric Universe - forthcoming new book...

eleven years ago, (American mythologist) David Talbott and (Australian scientist) Wallace Thornhill brought out their seminal and eponymous book on the Electric Universe.

The thing about Wal and David's co-authored EU-book is it drew together mythology and science in a totally unique way that (iff valid-ified) will TOTALLY REWRITE how Science looks at fundamental issues like The Age of the Solar System, how it was formed, and what our Alien Sky might have looked like to early man - with illustrations peppered throughout written/carved history to back it up.
I just got word from Wal that (while this 2007-published book won't be updated for a more Electric Universe-friendly audience/academic community) he is working on a new book he's tentatively titled THE A-Z OF ELECTRIC UNIVERSE.

Excited as me? Not even possible, my friend....

Electric Universe - charge exchange reaction - outer planets of the solar system

Prior to starting today's blog, I'd like to note that, "Iff electric boundary layers in plasma sheaths of these star-forming Birkeland Currents actually exist," then it safely demonstrates how and where planets orbit their star. Plasma sheath layers = orbits, and should become more off-plane as the outer planets are allowed to orbit a 'fatter' orbit potential in the solar polar vector.

Q: can large electric fields power Jupiter's super-massive auroras?

...of the seven episodes out of a planned 'ten reasons the universe is electric' this might be the most important one yet... it really makes the case for An Electric Universe that modern science is SIMPLY IGNORING... at the moment.

Time to watch, again or for the first time,  David Talbott's 2013 lecture Exposing the Myths of Settled Science.

art - mike philbin - black, black, paint it black...

yeah, I know, "Black's the new black," all over again. Swings and roundabouts. Once more round the sun, dear art friends.

But here's what started it.

And here's the most recent Black'd Work, with the addition of metallic silver conversing with metallic gold.