Free Planet - the 2019 manifesto - paying for a system that hurts

what is the moral of this idyllic setting?'s a test.

The image is a test, Mike?

Well, that's open to personal interpretation, surely. Some will see it for its artistic qualities of light and shade, some will see it for its isolationist overlay of impending Brexit, some will just see food or land to acquire or a poisoned chalice of a stream parked next to a lead foundry.

But it's not this kind of a test. And there are no morals here. We 'do right by free planet' and free planet will do right by us. It's a test. A test to see whether you understand the influence of Human Moralism or the anthropomorphication of the Natural World in which we're trying to live. It's what I've been saying for a decade or more now, "Do right by Free Planet and free planet will do right by us."

Society can be defined as nothing but Social Control, if it's done wrong.

  • Your government controls you. 
  • Your mortgage or business loan controls you. 
  • Your rent controls you. 
  • Your costs against tax controls you. 
  • Your faith controls you. 
  • Your media controls you.
  • Your coach, your adviser, your mentor controls you. 
  • Your family controls you, sets you up with learned prejudice and bigotry; makes you tribal, makes you insular, makes you a wall. 

And it's better for you to know that when you die you're going to a better place; screw the now, screw the individual, screw you. The sad fact is, "Nobody sees the WALL in the above image," because it's tacitly agreed that we're an imbecile race desgined or micro-managed to time-fund someone else's way of life. Many of you reading now will not realise that this is a test of your Custodianship, or your care for the innocents, your care for the natural, your care for the unruined.

Do right by Free Planet in 2019 and let the real manifesto develop organically and of its own honourable volition.


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