Wilson & Blackett - Trojan War - 638 BC...

...and why should we care?

Modern archaeology still asserts that the Trojan War (if it happened at all) took place around 1300-1200 BC, then a mysterious 500-year Dark Ages fell upon Europe where no-one died and no-one was born and nothing was built or commissioned. If we eradicate these imaginary Europe-wide 'dark ages' and just cram the recorded dates back together, we have a date of 638 BC for the Trojan War.

The COELBREN ALPHABET (above) potentially charts the migration of  Brutus of Troy and the people who survived the Trojan War as they move through the mediterranean, up into France via the Garron and on to Britain via the Atlantic westerly trade route. Lemnos Stela. Zagrek shroud. Other jugs, carvings and monuments in this script found all the way into Wales, and on into Kentucky USA.

According to forensic reearchers Wilson & Blackett, you can translate all these carvings and writing in this Coelbren Alphabet using old Welsh (or Khumric) dictionaries and syntax... I love this, it's my kind of intrigung.

My online mate David Rutherford has interviewed Wilson & Blackett on a number of occassions and has offered to publish some of their unpublished works in POD or Print On Demand. I want to see a book called Trail of the Coelbren People, and after a short introduction it'll have IMAGE on left page and TRANSLATION on right page.

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL : I really like this Chewter-video about the 562 AD comet that decimated the British Isles and Bolivia


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