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Lucy Wyatt - the Civilisers of the Indo Europeans - Druid Cities and The Lost Tribe

this presentation Alchemy, Shamen & the Secrets of Pharaohs (filmed at WCCSG Circles of Knowledge Conference, August 2011, Wiltshire, by Hugh Newman & Jonathan Adams of the Megalithomania UK website) given by Lucy Wyatt seems to parallel a number of the LOST ATLANTEAN CIVILISATION theories extolled by alternative researchers like Graham Hancock et al.

"Food is medicine," my favourite quote from the following video...
Regular readers of this blog will remember that these tall-headed Civilisers a.k.a. homo capensis, eventually made their way to the western edge of South America where their elongated skulls are the only remains that have been found of them, other than the legends of them arriving by sea in boats that glided like ghosts.

DISCONNECTED NOTES: it's looking like 'some form of high energy Tunguska-like air burst' was responsible for the ancient story of Soddom & Gomorrah. Additionally, a similar event seems to have been responsible for the en…

Mike Philbin art - 2017 re-paintings - An Art Exorcism

The thing that surprised me the most was that I had all this grungy, dark, ugly inside of me. The quality of the photos is suitably grim, too. It's like I couldn't convince the camera to focus on them properly.

I kinda like how the frenetic fingerings of the first (red) painting reduces as the red is systematically removed through the purple painting to the final blue one, which is 'almost' calm.

Free Planet - re-wilding in progress - re-align your allegiances

2017's new year Free Planet cover has been up for a few days and already people are mailing me asking, "What the hell is RE-WILDING, Mike?"

Like I'm gonna tell you...

You gotta re-discover RE-WILDING for yourselves, people. If you don't, I turn 'free planet' into an intellectual dictatorship. Which I don't want. Which I will not do.

But I'll give you a clue, "Your homeworld is not for Corporate Civilising," there's nothing worth raping for Profit here. Nothing worth enforcing a Patent for. Nothing...

You homeworld is supposed to be RESPLENDENT WITH LIFE, nothing else. You'll come back and you'll say, "There are seven-point-seven or so billions of us, isn't that enough life?"

Not enough Diversity these days... i.e. this is not (designed as) a Human Planet
This is a free planet that we owe all our splendid lives to. It's a place that we're allowed to inhabit, for free. It's not ours, WE ARE ITS. Wi…

Ancient pre-Inca temples - vitrified stonework - moulded rock walls... how how how?

Literally, "How do you sufficiently heat a rock such that it gains a molecularly-altered shiny patina without making the rest of the rock crack under the intense heat needed?"

Is this technique of moulded architectural details or bricks, tight internal angles and external skin vitrification evidence of some amazing lost art of the stone-mason?

Seriously, it's hard to work out whether these 'seemingly carved' globally-found stone items were moulded then vitrified or simply carved out of the native rock/marble with LASERS.

so, I looked, and there's nothing there...

is this what it means, "Achieving Nirvana?"

If it is, I not sure if I like it.
I'm not even sure if Nirvana is supposed to be liked, only achieved.

Like some great big cosmic joke upon the awakening self, by the deadened self. Maybe we're deadened creatures (by design) because the truth of the UTTER VOID is too demanding for most of us to grasp or cope with. Not only space is empty, but self is also. Now, I realise that this is a (bit of a) misnomer, this emptiness of space. Space is full... of electricity. That's why the stars shine. And is the emptiness of Man's Multidimensionality similarly filled with this electricity? Is this all our creative ideas are, a series of electric jolts as our self passes causally through a structured universe?

I'm there. 
I can do all the visualisation techniques. I can do all the astral travelling. I can do the denial of everything trick. I'm good at all of it. But then I'm left with the Gaping Void. I can't …

Gobekli Tepe - older than we think - covered by Nature?

Is it plausible that (the many times repaired/reinforced with rock walls by the locals) Gobekli Tepe multi-stone-ring Geometric-rock carved site in Turkey, said to be 10,000 years old, was many thousands of years older? Like so many archaic sites in the world, maybe they were discovered i.e. not made, by post-Younger Dryas modern man.

It's only deposits in the fill that date the site to 10,000 years...

And about that fill, is it also plausible that the fill that covers the Gobekli Tepe site was Natural i.e. from the sky?

One of Saturn's moons Titan is a) covered with a nitrogen-rich atmosphere, like Earth and b) covered with large rocks, like Mars. Many ancient rock carvings and tribal icons tend to suggest that Mars was seen as the God of War as the brown-dwarf star proto-Saturn entered the Sun-system and had its planets (including the heavily plasma-bombarded Mars) stripped from it under electrical war with the sun, a great part of that, is the generation of large amount…

Free Planet - Timings of a New Millennium - Moon weeks and lunar cycles return

that's the logo/splashline of the Lunar Month website Calendar Truth.

And this resonates perfectly with my idea of a godma/dogma-stripped Free Planet where REALITY (big R) trumps RELIGION (big corporate-empire taxation machine of mind control and utter (soulless) slavery and (rampant) dog-eat-dog anti-now cash-porn).

You've forgotten your ancient heritage.
You no longer follow the natural patterns of the Sun-Earth-Moon-Universe cycles of electric reality.

The moon has been recognised by Farming Calendars such as Stonehenge and other stellar watch towers for MILLENNIA. The Moon revolves around Earth 13 times during the time Earth revolves around the Sun once. Therefore, to have a lunar solar calendar, we need 13 months per year, not 12. And now (we are told) we've 'evolved' beyond these archaic or pagan belief systems and are a truly modern species.

What utter nonsense.
Reality always out-trumps any random law-set devised by a legal elite who want ultimate Profit…

Mike Philbin art - 2017 abstracts - new re-paintings

the first painting(s) of the new year have been done (3 x 40cm x 60cm) and they were quite the Nature Event.
First: I paint out on the back lawn in t-shirt and joggers, no shoes/socks - plasmatic reconnection to the Earth is a large part of what I do...
Second: it was about zero degrees to begin with, before the wind picked up... Third: I'd just untaped the first series of three-canvas re-paintings from the card board when it started to spit with rain...
Only tiny dots, for sure, but I was out there anyway, and I thought I'm not rushing to get these back into the dry just for a few spots of rain ... let's see complete the second three-canvas re-paint and see what's happen'd when the two sets have dried later this afternoon, at which point I'll upload them.
AFTERNOON UPDATE: they turned out fine, and you can actually still see the tiny dots of rain on them. :)

SUNDAY UPDATE: here's the third (and final) one of the set.

You can see Mike Philbin's 2016 painting…

King Arthur's Cross - Pro Anima Artorius - Richard Melbourne is alive, he's not dead.

Richard Melbourne, the man who dug up the solid electrum cross inscribed PRO ANIMA ARTORIUS at St. Peter's Church at Caer Caradoc above Llanharan, Glamorgan, Wales, is not dead.

He was on the 1990 excavation team, and he's still alive to tell exactly how and where he found the cross attributed to King Arthur II from just before the Dark Ages.

Boudicca - Bodecia - Buddug the Amazonian Warrior?

this is a quickie, because I can't find any reliable biographical details for Boudicca and I'm too lazy to go looking all over the internet all day, I'm going to delve into historical mythology and speculation involving the Trojan army helped by the Ukranian 'amazon' female warriors.

This also refers to the legend of Dungi king of Ur who married his daughters into various territories over which they ruled.

My suspicion is that Boudica (spell it however you want) was one of these AMAZON-like Ukranian warrior women sold by any number of  easter-European kings to any number of Ancient British tribal kings, like Prasutagus ruler of the Icenii. She has the warriorlike quality. She has the ginge.

I suspect, and this is only a suspicion, that WOMEN used to be the banner-wielding war-maidens of ancient days - the most recent, of course, being Joan of Arc. I think, way back in macho-war history,  there must have been something rather satisfying about having a woman lead a …

King Arthur in Wales - Ancient British Language - Coelbren inscriptions all over Wales

I am now (more than ever) totally fanatical about the REAL KING ARTHUR(s) IN WALES and the veracity of the ANCIENT COELBREN SCRIPT that all the Welsh carvings were done in, both in 4th-6th century Wales via Etruria and Turkey and in 6-7th century America.

We have extensively covered the work of Wilson and Blackett who have found indisputable evidence of the resting place of King Arthur. In today's show we present 5 more experts (one from Cardiff University) and all agree, King Arthur rests in Wales and lived in the 6th century. The original British people are not Saxon, Roman, Norman, Viking nor Celtic. The term Celtic was invented in 1714 to put a name to the groups of people whose true history they wanted to hide.

NB: yes, this first part of three seems to loop after 18 minutes... click on part two, below.

SUMMARY: The guy from the Welsh Tourist Board is totally correct, "We need to make this film THE ANCIENT JOURNEY OF THE KHUMRIC PEOPLE," that charts the history …

the Khumric People - the Coelbren Language - the Electric Universe

yeah, I know, I was surprised, too how my 'earnest search for Ancient Britons' would collide head-on with my 'earnest interest in the electric universe'... but it just did.



You can read exhibit B as a pure rendition of proto-Saturn's ingress into the Sun-system and the stripping of Mars and Venus and Earth from her purple-haze and thrusting them into solar orbit.

Origins of the British - Wilson/ Blackett and Oppenheimer/Cunliffe - The British original sea-faring Khumry?

Examine the above map and notice that the missing-link British People known as the Khumry might have come via the mediterranean seaways to Britain, from Syria... this also ties in with genetic research on the 'fathers of the ancient british geneline' by researchers such as Stephen Oppenheimer and Barry Cunliffe.

The Khumry (Cymru means Welsh) are recorded in numerous historical documents in Latin, Greek and other languages as a sea-going race tracked from Syria or Egypt up the Atlantic trade route to Wales at least a 1,000 years before the birth of Christ.

There are well over 200 Khumric-inscribed stones in Wales and their ancient written language known as Coelbren can be used to translate documents from Ancient Egypt, through Ancient Etruria and Raetia up through Basque into Wales via either the rivers of southern France or the pillars of Hercules i.e. Portugal passing Gibraltar. Old Welsh (or Cymruic) seems to be the dictionary for translation of all these 'untransaltab…

Free Planet from Oxford UK to the Rest of the World.

Here's wishing you all a 2017 that includes the concept Free Planet.

"Free Planet," to you and yours in 2017.
Be who you were always meant to be, not this dreadful  and limiting 'cog in a corporate wheel' nonsense of skill I can profit from... not this drone, this zombie, this attack-dog of those who believe they have a patent-claim over your personal-sovereignty.