King Arthur in Wales - Ancient British Language - Coelbren inscriptions all over Wales

I am now (more than ever) totally fanatical about the REAL KING ARTHUR(s) IN WALES and the veracity of the ANCIENT COELBREN SCRIPT that all the Welsh carvings were done in, both in 4th-6th century Wales via Etruria and Turkey and in 6-7th century America.

We have extensively covered the work of Wilson and Blackett who have found indisputable evidence of the resting place of King Arthur. In today's show we present 5 more experts (one from Cardiff University) and all agree, King Arthur rests in Wales and lived in the 6th century. The original British people are not Saxon, Roman, Norman, Viking nor Celtic. The term Celtic was invented in 1714 to put a name to the groups of people whose true history they wanted to hide.

NB: yes, this first part of three seems to loop after 18 minutes... click on part two, below.

SUMMARY: The guy from the Welsh Tourist Board is totally correct, "We need to make this film THE ANCIENT JOURNEY OF THE KHUMRIC PEOPLE," that charts the history of the people once called Britons from their twelve-tribes beginnings in Syria all the way through Turkey, Etruria, Malta and hence through the south-western French river system via Brittany up into Britain.

Whatever it eventually gets called, the name PROJECT IRON BEAR needs to survive the whole production cycle.

The (Welsh) King Lists need to be reinstated as the (politically) correct'd British lineage. The Welsh translations of documents and monuments in the ancient Coelbren Alphabet need to be published and incorporated into this re-discovery of our Ancient British History. Both Kings called Arthur (and their heroic stories) need to be re-learned by the general public of this United Kingdom.

We can only move forward, as a trading nation, once we under.stand who we are and who our kinsmen are.

AND NOW TIME FOR A MUSICAL INTERLUDE: there's growing evidence from various ancient and modern sources that 'something comet-like hit Briton in AD 562' and destroyed much of what was left of the Last Great Brythonic Nation. There was a mass migration out of Britain, some to Brittany in France, some all the way to Kentucky in America, allowing the Anglo-Saxons to easily occupy undefended lands on the European side of Great Britain.


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