Mike Philbin art - 2017 abstracts - new re-paintings

the first painting(s) of the new year have been done (3 x 40cm x 60cm) and they were quite the Nature Event.

First: I paint out on the back lawn in t-shirt and joggers, no shoes/socks - plasmatic reconnection to the Earth is a large part of what I do...

Second: it was about zero degrees to begin with, before the wind picked up...
Third: I'd just untaped the first series of three-canvas re-paintings from the card board when it started to spit with rain...

Only tiny dots, for sure, but I was out there anyway, and I thought I'm not rushing to get these back into the dry just for a few spots of rain ... let's see complete the second three-canvas re-paint and see what's happen'd when the two sets have dried later this afternoon, at which point I'll upload them.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: they turned out fine, and you can actually still see the tiny dots of rain on them. :)

SUNDAY UPDATE: here's the third (and final) one of the set.

You can see Mike Philbin's 2016 paintings here.

FOLLOWING SUNDAY UPDATE: I wasn't going to re-paint any more of the 2016 paintings, but then I found three perfect ones for re-painting only this morning. I'll do them Tuesday 24th January, weather permitting, when I'm off work. They're a different size than the above paintings. I'm using a different colour scheme for these three new-er re-paints.

As it's now Tuesday 24th January, here are the final (3 x 50cm x 50cm) re-paints... from today, it's a return to ONLY ORIGINAL i.e. new not re-painted, artworks in this abstract style for the remainder of 2017 and beyond...


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