Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mike Philbin - Introversions & Dichotomies - The Holy Trinity paintings 2016

Yes, I was brought up a Catholic with the concept of The Holy Trinity aka God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, so it's no surprise (is it really?) that oftentimes I paint these Introversions and Dichotomies in threes.

In these latest ones I also used three colours per work, well 2.5 Matchpots so God the Half Ghost if we're adhering to indoctrinated conditions. They're 60 cm by 50 cm and they're titled, too.



UPDATE: Oh, I've just remembered, I did do a follow-up piece to the above set at a size of 100 cm by 50 cm, this time using the left-over paint from the above three pictures. I generally don't have any paint left from each painting exercise, two tubes per artworks is how they're (generally) done. I had meant to discard these last tube-ends as Sacrifices to the Muse but then I dug them out of the trash bin and resurrected the blood imagery, probably putting the gods' nose out of place as a result. I'll pay for this, surely. ;)


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