DICE does Star Wars Battlefront - oh, yes!

yes, it does say 'early in-engine footage'

DICE are a tech-obsessed games company based in Sweden who've been contracted to bring to market the latest instalment of Lucas Arts' Star Wars Battlefront franchise. Dice made the seminal, brave and excellent (if flawed) first person parcour game Mirror's Edge back in 2008 and are promising to re-release a newly enhanced version soon.

Dice have continued to make the Battlefield series through 2014 so they are sufficiently adept at bringing the realism of intense conflict and human drama to the console. Based on Dice's efforts in this area in their previous games, the Star Wars audio is gonna rock.

DICE are now putting the final touches to Star Wars Battlefront, a PSP instalment of which I worked on at Rebellion here in Oxford in 2008, but it didn't look this good! Here's their 2014 E3 teaser trailer for the new Star Wars Battlefield incarnation - wow!

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT E3 2013 TEASER TRAILER: in case you missed it. There has to be a full game trailer or ingame-session footage due at some point, right? This is a gloriously insane and realistic in-game-engine sequence (as I predicted, the audio is top notch)...