Mike Philbin - personal artist/writer statement - 2015 and beyond...

used to be a real artist
"Life is like a box of terrorists, you never know which one your government's going to use against you for-PROFIT PATENT-protect reason."

This is not the opening line to anything someone wrote, it's just that way things are. So, what can we do as a
race of hierarched upon underslaves and worker ants? Nothing, we just have to take the scalding water of law, "As our societal rank dictates."

Unless... we break free of mind prisons and profit wars and vomit dogma. Unless we 'Free Planet' this whole near-molten sphere in space and start afresh, build some love. Maybe it's too late. Maybe we're stuck in a rut. Maybe no one really cares about self-Genocide.

Anyway, enough of the polemic, on with the 'soapbox introduction' with a cheery grin of the marketing demon, "Hi, I'm Mike Philbin from Oxford. I'm 49 years old. I've been writing and independent publishers have been publishing my surrealist sex-horror nightmare fictions in short story, collaboration and novel format since 1985. I also used to be a figurative oil painter, and rebel with no real cause."

Currently, I'm hunkered down behind enemy lines completing TWO COMPETING TRILOGIES at the same time. Free Planet vs War World. 2015 should see this double-triumvirate of conspiratorial bed-fellows cum 2 fruition all over your gaping face and lashed back. Here's the paperback money shot...

Custodian (free planet #1) 2013
Liberator (free planet #2) 2014
Reaper (free planet #3) 2015 i.e. soon

Tandem (war world #1) 2013
Watcher (war world #2) 2014
Kumiko (war world #3) 2015 i.e. soon

Yeah, this is gonna hurt...