Variety - Blomkamp - Alien Reboot? Alien Prequel? No, pre-Aliens the film in-between the first two

now, that's what I call sexy
According to this article in Variety, Blomkamp (Neill) the South African director who gave the cinema world District 9, Elysium and Chappie is pencilled in to be doing a new Alien film -- hopefully a FFR or Full Franchise Reboot with all the ugly Giger-porn put back in that Prometheus took out.

I also hope that Blomkamp will 'address the hive' issue. Alien was always, for me, a Rogue Trooper, maybe even the only one left. While Cameron's Aliens was a fun-grunt ride, we didn't need 'all those aliens' like that. We certainly didn't need no Queen ruling them all with a camp hiss. We just need the story of the Space Trucker, the oliphant-Ganesha-like cargo driver from Alien. And the seduction of the Dark One i.e. Satan or Xeno, as he insinuates himself into Early Man's Life Experience.

We don't even need another lame xenomorph film, we just need this question answering, "Who is this Ganesha-like hyperspace-chair'd space-jockey on LV426 and what's the War World financial significance of his/her eggy cargo?" are the ancient humans the CURRENCY of these galactic warriors and ferrymen?

Adult inspiration? There's tonnes of the shit on the 'net - just google "Giger is God". Please REBOOT ALIEN PREQUEL, Blommers, please! Get us to LV426, and want to be there.

Yes, a world of MSW or Mechanised Satan Worship exemplifies NWO

thirteen thousand years ago - would you Adam & Eve it?

in fact, task #1 make a(n Alien Reboot) film that explains THIS ^^^

WEEKS LATER UPDATE: oh, dear, according to a new interview in Variety, seems like Blomkamp doesn't want to do Alien Reboot or Alien Prequel, which might have answered many of the questions set in Ridley Scott's original slasher-in-space, he wants to do the Alien to Aliens film. The following image suggests the original LV-426 Space Jockey-driven delerict gets transported back to some off-world Area 51-style research/back-engineer facility and I guess Blomkamp'll go into the Militarisation of Space with the inception of those loud-proud Space Marines and all that crap. A very said day for the hauntingly sexual-demonic creative genius of the Swiss artist H. R. Giger. Rest in Peace, fella, they're fucking up everything you ever created. Make Love not War, got forgotten.

is this being deconstructed, or constructed?


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