Free Planet series - thanks guys - you did the right thing

kinda cynical and sarcastic view of the post-covert war world you once lived in, as seen from the future of a Free Planet

it's also the opening credit sequence of the forthcoming novel REAPER (free planet #3) here's the relevant transcript:

Without country, you became a ruthless global populace who suffered no fools. Protected no clandestine secrets. Decided to make this home world the most amazing place in the universe. You wouldn't believe how unworthy this endless war planet used to be. Well done, my free planet friends, I love living in a world based on creativity, passion and kinship. We can go anywhere we like, we do anything we want, we are anything we care to and we're all inspired to make this planet the best place to bring up our future children.
"Do right by free planet," it's like a song that we sing every day, through our resonating bodies.
It's in our collective interest to shine this home world like it's never shone before. Vibrant, exciting and yes dangerous - but that's what humanity needs, life. Diversity. Living, again, after decades of consumerist slumber where we were told how to think, when to breathe and how much to pay. Why didn't we do this millennia ago?
Anyway, cheers, guys; you did the right thing breaking the chains of your corporate bondage.
[source FP3 Reaper by Mike Philbin, due 2015]