Ginge, the ancient red haired gene, look at that European spread

Everybody loves a ginge. I do. Hell, I wrote a (now out of print) novel about it in 1989 called Red Hedz. I'm fascinated, as you'all know, with the History of Ancient Briton and I've gone into excruciating detail in recent Free Planet posts about what I think I've found as pertains to all this so-called history.

Helen Moffat of ScotlandsDNA, herself a redhead, told CBS News: “Britain has the most numbers of redheads per capita in the world.  We’re really interested in finding out where it came from and why.  It’s something rooted in our history and we should be proud.” [source AITY]

Look, I've followed all sorts of radical threads involving two King Arthurs, ancient Basque origins and the Eternal Masculine vs Feminine Sun Battle i.e. Mono-maniacally abused Organised Religion that dominates how you think, who you're allowed to vote in and when you pay. But it always comes back to the ginges, here's a european map of G2D or Genetic Ginger Distribution; this itself is evidence of some sort of GMR or Ginger Master Race in our land. Notice the marked localisation of the ginger gene in the genetic ginge fortresses of Scotland, Wales and Ireland; the lands of our ancient ancestors.

There's an unwritten contention in this evidence that 'red haired' i.e. fairhaired or freckly, people would have naturally died out, from skin cancers, in those European lands below the 45th parallel where the sun had a more powerful effect on culture. And this might be so. But why should this target the Isles of Ancient Briton as the storage or repository for this ancient gene? What's so different from UK @ 45th than 'the rest of Europe' @ 45th? And why a predominance of that western-facing aspect in both UK and Europe? Is it all just a question of The Weather and prevailing Westerly Trade Winds? The natural westerly direction of the jet stream? Atlantic-coastal i.e. sea faring, peoples is probably the real answer to all this. Boats. Ships. Bling. What the corporatists can't resist calling LEVERAGE.

Actually, an extended map of Europe shows a distinct ginge-spike in western Russia. You see that blob of bright right ot the right of the wider map? The Udmurt (extremely ginger'd) People regularly come up in reference to this location. There's, of course, lots more to this story than meets the eye. It might also involve the destruction of the red-haired people of central Europe in an enormous inter-planetary cataclysm into which the dark-haired's moved. In fact you don't have to search too hard before you come across the Ancient Stone Circle of Bashkiria, within the ginge-spike (above).

Meanwhile, here's Oxford professor Barry Cunliffe going into a little more detail about these western-edge hugging Ginges or Altlantic-sea-faring Celts, for those who can make the time to listen/learn.

Think history isn't telling you the whole story? You're probably right.


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