Mike behind the Mask - Swapped out Life Force - Global Scale Shuffle

change of driver alert!
ABSTRACT: You all know me, right? Mike Philbin - writer, artist, editor, Free Planet blogger. But am I? And by this I mean, "Am I really who I think I am?" I ask this because I've been thinking about WHO'S DRIVING MY CAR?

This car, this vehicle, this body... who's really driving it, and when did we change drivers?

INVESTIGATION: "I think that, somewhere in 1992-3 or so, some fucker stole my creative life and left me with this to deal with," and you know, while this seems negative and downright downerish, it might be what happened. I might have been glibly wandering towards The Art World and/or participation in it, when wammo, all of a sudden, I was out, no longer in, discarded. That's how it felt, to have a total change of mind-in-body in that time. We have NO IDEA how we get from day to day, and I'm talking here about the nightly process of sleep; whatever that is.

We might need the help of a more-advanced driver, for the dangerous curves coming, these pivotal moments in our lives... My concept needs an amendment where the TRANSITION MOMENT spans several weeks months years... like a Tandem hand-hold for those delicate individuals who can't handle a sudden swap and need the comfort and guidance of a slow-swap, but I'll continue on for now.

SUMMARY: A time might come, in everybody's life, where they find themselves going down a completely unexpected path ... that might be because we've been SWAPPED OUT i.e. the person who was once driving our living body ISN'T THE SAME PERSON and they bring all sorts of other personality and perspective and karma with them. Mine might have happened as early as 1989 when the style of oil paintings I used to find so easy was suddenly so difficult to replicate. I never really suspected that 'that fragment of my life journey' was already redundant. And did this only happen to me, on that night, or did it happen to many people on the same night? Is this what being alive in this realm actually means? Are we a shuffled planet?

QUESTION: Are we a swapped-out life-force? Have we already slept a million dreams in each others' moccasins? Is there a limit to the dimension of time in this equation or is it a timeline free-for-all for the drivers of these shells?


Chad Goulding said…
You might want to try some soul retrieval. Find a good shaman first though.

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