Hesus as Jesus as a Butchering of Druidic Teaching i.e. Christianity or Judaism.

I've always loved this comparative graphic on the subject of 'the Messiah'

in this sporadic Free Planet series dealing with 'ancient ancestors', I was looking into the famous Druids of ancient Britain (allegedly slaughtered by the invading Romans on Anglesey in AD 60) and came across this totally-out-there interview with Atlantis-fanatic Michael Tsarion c/o Red Ice Radio on this very subject.

Tsarion sets the scene of an Atonist vs Amenist war in Egypt that became a war against the Druids. Matriarchy vs Patriarchy. And who were these so-called Christians in UK? Well, eventually, the invading Roman Empire. The door is a druidic symbol. Atonism (sun worship) is a truly masculine worship foundation, rather than the female druidic worship foundation.

Esus or Iesous or Jesus, is a God known thousands of years before Christianity - Hesus is a (masculine) DRUIDIC GOD and this is the core of Tsarion's contention - he unpicks Gaul and Golgotha and Galilee and other Gallic-derived Druidic nomenclatures. According to Tsarion, there's no historical evidence for Jesus's hometown of Nazareth. Nor Judea. Ireland and England are the true Garden of Eden.

It's a rivetting RIVETTING listen, seriously.

FURTHER BIBLE-LEARNING: if you enjoyed the interview above, let this other Michael Tsarion interview lull you into another level of learning. The term Judeo-Christianity comes from... well, you'll have to listen, won't you.

and here's Ralph Ellis, who Tsarion refs quite a lot in his testimony/research: Ellis contends that the characters in the Old Testament were Egyptian Pharoahs and the New Testament is referring to Jesus being a King of Syria or Edessa. In fact, large swathes of New Testament evidence points to Jesus, by his father Joseph, being of Essenes origin i.e. Syrian. Did the Britionic Druids send a white-robed ambassador from Anglesey to help the Jews deal with the Romans? Was Joseph such a Druid? Like father's son?

Ralph Ellis actually contends that ALL OF THE BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT are the temporal depiction of the Akhenaten Exodus Story... including the Garden of Eden/Aton. Moses was Pharoah Akhenaten who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament in Egyptian. Israelis, today, are speaking a version of Egyptian," Ellis adds.

So, anyway, this distracted me from my Druidic research, which I will promptly get back to. Thanks for reading, listening.


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