Michael Tsarion - the Age of Catastrophe - 13,000 to 10,000 years BC

Michael Tsarion (strongly) claims that the Egyptians were originally Irish i.e. Druids (as we now call them) and moved East from Ireland or Arya-Land as a consequence of the 13,000 to 10,000 years B.C. catastrophe, the outcome of which has made its way into legend as The Great Flood. But did a giant comet or meteor slam into the northern hemisphere in this ancient time when mankind was first exploring its spiritual heritage? It's known as the Younger Dryas Impact Event. Did it cause the Great Flood? Scientific evidence is pointing towards it...

I'm not sure I'm totally convinced by Tsarion's strident Irish Origins claims but it's all grist for the intellectual mill. There's strong DNA evidence that there's a Basque-derived influx of dark-haired sea-farers into Ireland/Wales/SWEngland via the Atlantic sea at around 25,000 years ago. As there's an ancient Dogger Bank community cast out by the flood that created the English Channel, there'll probably be evidence of a SW England community just off the coast of Cornwall towards the Scilly Isles.

My point is this, "As you all should know by now, Free Planet doesn't give a shit about the ICE or Invented Commercial Entities known as Organised Religions or let's simply call it GODMA. It's super-sad that the so-called Atonists (masculine freemasonic sun-god worship, or Luciferianism) and the so-called Amenists (feminine nature godesses) are still at war. At war, so sad. So fucking corporate."

Free Planet isn't concerned with whose god came before whose god and whose people have more of a right to some slot of land than some other people. Free Planet is all about THE TRUTH, and I know this will shock some of you. Yes, THE TRUTH, the actual real physical facts about the how and why of our corrupt twisted manipulated illogical fascist slave world of wages and tax. And it is a SLAVE WORLD whether you legally define it so or not, slave lawyer; slave magistrate, slave leader.

Free Planet wants only the historical and psychological facts about this place we call home, not the profit-patent-secret agent propaganda and 'stories to entertain'. Was there an original race who basically RUN THE WORLD from these british isles, as we financially do today with our Corporate War Machine today? Did these ancient Irish/Welsh/Scottish kingdoms fight off the Roman Invasion and push it back to its own pit of filth? Did Boudica even exist or is she another Roman amalgam-creation like the Christ Myth. What really is Druidism and how can DNA solve the identity of the First Britons who made this place their home? Gah, so many questions, so little conviction...


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