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henge-inspired circle of protection?
Stonehenge, Castlerigg, the Circle of Brodgar and all the other such neolithic/pre-historic stone circles or henges. We assume they're stellar-map locations aligned to the seasons of the farming year. We assume they're churches or palaces to the great kings of the regions or remnants of that tribe/society...

But are they?

Look at the Satanic illustration that accompanies this post, and you'll see the PROTECTIVE CIRCLE such devotees are said to use to Conjure Demons Within. Do you see 'demon' stood within the circle? Is this our Ancient Mind Dream Interpretation of Otherworldly Existence or just a simple Space Demon, Spectre or Predator?

At this time in (pre-)history tribes first started placing gold, silver and bronze objects of great value in standing water or lakes... then came the placing of bodies in cist burial mounds. Do you see the perimeter Candles referential to the Stones that usually surround these communal native-Earth places or Henges. Do you see the chalk-drawn alignments and patterns in the arrangements of the stones/candles, the so-called astronomical lines of sight? What are we actually seeing when we look at an ancient Stone Circle? Why is this stone circle phenomenon so ubiquitous all across Ancient Briton? Nobody really knows...

Is it just that these enormous stone circles are, "A safe place within which to summon the spirits of once-living creatures, people and/or monsters from beyond?"


R.W.B. said…
Could be.