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Etruscan walls like the Peruvian polygonal walls.

in the closing moments of the following video presentation titled Legacy of the Etruscans, Gary Biltcliffe seems to be channeling the ever-contentious Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett team who claim to have translated all the thus-far-discovered Etruscan engravings, carvings and texts using the Coelbren Alphabet and an ancient Welsh (or Cwmryc) dictionary.

Their claim is 'reasonable translations' fall out of such a weird process... but not as weird as Biltcliff's claim that 'maybe the Etruscans or their Pelasgian forefathers helped cut the stones for Stonehenge'. Crackin' (dangerous) implications all crammed into 45 mins.

P.S. 1: if the Druids say that 'a carved standing stone is a dead standing stone', why do the Druids still worship at the carved-stone i.e. soul-killed stone, Stonehenge?

P.S. 2: I'm gonna beg Wilson and Blackett to supply some of their Etruscan translations to insert here... done, hope they reply, this time.


Aldo Verrecchia said…
take a look at this

kathleen sisco said…
Gary Biltcliffe is a through researcher and continually working to reveal new information and interpretations.
His descriptions of the various sites of polygonal wall construction back to the Pelagasi or even older as he finds in his research at Egypt.
Could we discover that the survivors of the 'flood' may have decided to go their own way, each with their followers? Perhaps the discoveries in the Ukraine at Aratta may even be the source.
The cause of the flood may not be as simple as a meteorite, the magnetic disturbances may stem from the Earth's core as science now has information as the the 'blobs' being extruded from the core forming tree-like shapes approaching the ocean floors. These strongly magnetic waves--solitons--created in the past disturbances in the magnetic field, along with burps that are known as magnetic 'jerks.' These emissions may have been responsible in the past for the elimination of civilizations with enormous waves and associated infrasound blasts.

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