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The Gosford Glyphs - preDynastic Egyptian hieroglyphics - found in Australia!

Mike, what kind of crazy shit is this, "The Gosford Glyphs?" you're telling me these supposed hieroglyphics about two brothers of an early Pharoah are not some fakes crudely carved by some Australian Uni-kids out on a beer bender in the Aussie Outback?

Well, when you compare them to the Standard Glyph Lists used by Ancient Egyptian Writing Experts, Interpreters and Academics, there's a lot that appears to be wrong with them - unknown shapes, shapes facing the wrong way, UFOs.... blah blah blah. As mentioned in an earlier post about Steve and Evan Strong, this is attested by the Elders of the Ab-Original people of Australian who helped discover them and share their reality with the world.

What's going on here seems to be that the Gosford Glyphs pre-date the usual Dynastic Egyptian hieroglyphics by a couple thousand years, stretching right back to 3,500 BC or earlier ... and here's the biggee, "They were found on facing sheer cliff faces in the Australian Outback." The researchers of this glyph text are the famous Egyptian tourist guides and Egyptian scholars Mohamed Ibrahim and Yousef Awyan, presented by Patricia Awyan.

Rivetting material and stunning (global (societal) explorational) consequences... now fully translated and authenticated by Experts in Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Language.

...and did you notice the 'pharoah boomerangs' (originally exhibited in the old Cairo Museum) shown at the end of video3? Steve and Evan Strong do go on about the Ab-Originals being the original voyagers of the sea and the trade would have gone 'that way' to Egypt, not necessarily 'this way' to Australia ... but it's all about the Cultural Connection. Thousands of years before archaeology says such happened.


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Wallace Thornhill - The A-Z of Electric Universe - forthcoming new book...

eleven years ago, (American mythologist) David Talbott and (Australian scientist) Wallace Thornhill brought out their seminal and eponymous book on the Electric Universe.

The thing about Wal and David's co-authored EU-book is it drew together mythology and science in a totally unique way that (iff valid-ified) will TOTALLY REWRITE how Science looks at fundamental issues like The Age of the Solar System, how it was formed, and what our Alien Sky might have looked like to early man - with illustrations peppered throughout written/carved history to back it up.
I just got word from Wal that (while this 2007-published book won't be updated for a more Electric Universe-friendly audience/academic community) he is working on a new book he's tentatively titled THE A-Z OF ELECTRIC UNIVERSE.

Excited as me? Not even possible, my friend....

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Prior to starting today's blog, I'd like to note that, "Iff electric boundary layers in plasma sheaths of these star-forming Birkeland Currents actually exist," then it safely demonstrates how and where planets orbit their star. Plasma sheath layers = orbits, and should become more off-plane as the outer planets are allowed to orbit a 'fatter' orbit potential in the solar polar vector.

Q: can large electric fields power Jupiter's super-massive auroras?

...of the seven episodes out of a planned 'ten reasons the universe is electric' this might be the most important one yet... it really makes the case for An Electric Universe that modern science is SIMPLY IGNORING... at the moment.

Time to watch, again or for the first time,  David Talbott's 2013 lecture Exposing the Myths of Settled Science.

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But here's what started it.

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