Anna Dillon - landscape artist - oil of the mind

Anna Dillon at work
...once I'd realised that the Free Planet blog had 'not a snowflake's chance in hell' of dissuading the for-profit prison-world slave-economy from ruining this delightful place we call home, I started to get more interested in (or seem to have gravitated more towards) sharing painters whose work really catches my eye.

This way Free Planet becomes a more personal expression of a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship - this way we all adopt our Custodian role in our own unique and viable ways.

Today's blogpost concerns the artwork (and lovely and stylised it is) of South Oxfordshire artist Anna Dillon: I was looking for construction images of Avebury stone circle and came across her work completely by accident. Having examined her art at Anna's various website galleries, I feel really attracted to her work like I've seen it before and forgot to mention it at the time. So, let's hope this Free Planet feature makes amends.

As a painter I have developed my style using bold and strong colour which reflect the form, contours and light of the land. I paint with thin layers of oil paints, built up gradually and slowly. This technique produces a rich deep colour. [source ANNA DILLON]


Erich Kuersten said…
whoa, beeyootiful - like Van Gogh through a stained glass window on really clean acid.

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