Alan Wilson - The Arthurian Kings of Glamorgan - Etruscan and Assyrian linguistic roots of Welsh language

so, here in UK or the United Kingdom or England anyway thanks to decades of historical findings and publications, we mostly consider ourselves to be an Anglo-Saxon race or having been fathered/ruled by those foreign sea-farers who came over from the French-German border in the sixth century.

British history begins with the arrival of the great fleets of Albyne around 1600 BC (3600 years ago) and the later arrival of Brutus and his armadas around 500 BC (2500 years ago). The histories of Albyne, of Brutus and the entire Arthurian Dynasty were finally consigned to limbo around 1840-1860, in a rush of imperial propaganda and fanatical religious orthodoxy. [source REAL BRITISH HISTORY]

Alan Wilson says he has compelling evidence that this Arthurian Legend and our Anglo-Saxon heritage have all been made up (or re-written) in the 18th century to pander to King George (the German) III the first of the Saxe-Coburg/Goethe i.e. Hanoverian lineage, or current Royal Ruling House) in England. Wilson says, here is where King Arthur really hailed from twice, King of Glamorgan i.e. Wales; one a son of Magnus Maximus of the 4th Century AD, and the other King Arthur (Athrwys ap Meurig) was of the 6th Century AD. 250 years apart. Can't be the same bloke, must be TWO King Arthurs.

Syrians in Britain? Is maybe this is what all the ISIS-ruining-Syria is all about? Is something being summarily suppressed by the so-called Military Industrial Complex. Was TROY a fiction? No. There's a really good summary of all Wilson's 35 years of research into this amazing 'Celtic' or Khumric or Welsh story.

Wilson and Blackett observe however that ‘Celts’ and ‘Celtic’ are terms that came out of Oxford and London in 1814 as a ruse to obscure all original British histories so that the idea of a Hanoverian German monarchy and English Anglo-Saxon empire could be conjured up and marketed to the world.

They state that, technically, ‘Khumry’, ‘Khumric Welsh’ or Khumric Britons are historically more accurate descriptions.

So could it be that these Khumric Welsh tribes were, in various numbers, to be found in Britain and Europe as well as Palestine/Canaan and Egypt, with numbers of them simply moving around at various times by land and sea to trade, share knowledge and avoid various environmental and political calamities?
[source DAILY WALES]

And what of the Etruscan/Assyrian roots of pre-Roman or Gnostic Christianity that Wilson rattles on about, in the following supplemental video?

Finally: invited to help discuss King Arthur's 6th century visit to the American east coast near Kentucky during the brief spell of catastrophic global cooling recorded in several annals of the day, Wilson goes into great detail about both the Syrian migration and the later Trojan (Troy is in west Turkey) migration into Ancient i.e. Bronze Age, Briton.

Click this link to start at the relevant part of this old Arthur by Wilson Presentation.

If you look into the portrayal of Welsh-language in modern literature, you see an Oxford fellow by the name of JRR Tolkein coming up with Sindarin allegedly spoken by 'the third fathers of the elven race' who rested here after a Great Journey (from Etruria? from Turkey? from Syria? from Egypt?)...

LATER THAT WEEKEND UPDATE: this story or reimagining of the Khumry's arrival in England reminds Free Planet of a 2013 post (archived at WayBackMachine) that dealt with the claims of Ralph Ellis and 'the real Jesus' as a Prince or King of Edessa (in Syria). Again, the Assyrian Empire?


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