I voted for FREE PLANET on my ballot paper... species annihilation addendum.

I voted for FREE PLANET on my ballot paper. It was there, eventually.
And voting for it felt like this:

POLITICAL ADDENDUM: the Roman Empire's obsession with gladiatorial games likely caused the mass-extinction of several species hauled in from around the vast expanse of the Roman Empire to be slaughtered in the name of VOTES for standing politicians.

If one were to assume that the Roman Empire had an estimate of fifty amphitheatres and that each amphitheatre only showed an average of twenty-five days of beast fights per year, then they would show a combined 1,250 days of games per year. 
If, also, the average number of wild beasts to die on each day was only four (sometimes thousands were killed in a single day in Rome), then the number of animal dead would be five thousand for a single year. Multiply that number by a five hundred year span of wild beast shows and 2.5 million is the estimated total. These are all conservative numbers that could easily make the outcome double this estimate. 
With at least 2.5 million dead animals, it is completely realistic that, over time, the Romans completely removed entire animal species and depopulated entire regions of fauna. When cataloguing the many cruelties of Roman civilization, the Romans’ treatment of the animal population at their disposal is often overlooked. Clearly this perception needs reconsideration. [source EAGLE FEATHER]

Feel good about your DSM or Democratic State Manipulation yet?