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"It's not unusual," my swarthy, dark skinned, curly haired Welsh brothers...

is this the Khumric lineage?
someone once said, "Language (and its fawning cohort in crime History) is re-written by the Conquerors."

Such a bold statement has been substantiated more times than it's worth talking about, suffice to say that Wales might have been a 'capsule repository' for such an ancient language as Khumric in that it wasn't as 'successfully invaded' as the rest of Europe by successive BC Empires/Ideologies.

In 55 B.C., Julius Caesar came to Britain and described the tribal people he found in a place now called The Vale of Glamorgan in Wales as dark-skinned and curly-haired. Not fair-skinned or north-European ginges, but arabic Mediterranean types.

As you'll see from Free Planet's previous post, I've just discovered the thirty-five years of revisionist Welsh research by Alan Wilson into Two Arthurs of Glamorgan and the Lost Tribes of Israel. Now, being 'devoutly agnostic', Free Planet isn't too fussed about who's god is whose, what would be interesting is a Welsh dark-skinned curly-haired King Arthur actor reading Etruscan Inscriptions using the Coelbren Alphabet and the Khumric Language with English subtitles.

So, I had a think, Who is a typical dark-skinned, curly-haired, mediterranean-looking Welsh representative of Alan Wilson's Khumric clan or tribes? The Welsh singer Tom Jones. Born Thomas Jones Woodward. A lad from Glamorgan, quite accidentally, who became famous in the 1960s as The Welsh Elvis Presley enjoying many successful years on the Las Vegas entertainment circuit and more recently co-hosting The Voice etc.

Yes, it's random, and unfair, to paint all Welsh with Tom's blatantly Mediterranean brush, but the main point of this supplemental post is, "Free Planet now needs to witness Ancient Welsh translations of (unreadable) Etruscan artefacts," and to this end I've contacted Alan Wilson directly in the hope that he can supply some recent translations for illustrative purposes. I also hope I can get a recent-findings quote from Alan to supplement this post...

NOTE: I just heard from a fellow truth researcher who's spoken to the man on the phone, "Wilson's computer is hacked/infected/knackered so he isn't getting any of my emails."

SUPPLEMENTAL READING: a Jewish website concerning themselves with the (generally pre-Khazarian) Lost Tribes of Israel called the BRIT-AM (run by Yair Dvidiy of Israel) illustrates the similarity of Welsh to Hebrew - and they give phrase comparisons. In fact, the more one looks into the Welsh language, the more one finds these insane linguistic roots. For example, imagine if Welsh (or any English dialect) had traces of Angolan language in it. Hebrewic roots for the Welsh or Khumric people is AS INSANE AS THAT. It tells of sea-faring nations setting out to Find New Homes, maybe because of exile. But that's not the point. The point is History Should Be About Truths, not the other things.

  • Fuck political correctness i.e. lies.
  • Fuck organised godma i.e. lies.
  • Fuck false flag economies and psy-op for-profit patent-protect institutionalise-educational mind-games i.e. lies. 

Truth i.e real truth about our past and our path forward as a race, is the only concern for Free Planet and its future (liberated) inhabitants.

LATER STILL UPDATE: I'm not too sure (and can't get a response from his suggested email address) if Alan Wilson has used his Coelbren Welsh Alphabet to attempt an accurate translation of the The Zagreb Mummy and Etruscan linen wrappings - but I'd love to reference that here, too.

The Zagreb Mummy and Etruscan linen wrappings

A month or so later, after sending a physical letter by post to an address a research colleague supplied, I did receive a (rather strange and cryptic) response from a representative of Wilson/Blackett and I was assured that my snail-mail would be passed onto them upon their return. I have not had any further response from them, so maybe they're still out on their travels.

I'd STILL love to see their Khumric translation of these Etruscan wrapping on the Zagreb Mummy.


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