PENTTBOM - Pentagon Twin Towers Bombing - Barbara Honegger

if I'm to believe my own press, Free Planet is supposed to know a lot about 9/11 New York and other conspiracies such as 7/7 London, right? Well, I'd missed this astonishing 3-hr 2012 critique/analysis of the events at/around the Pentagon on September 11th 2001 by former White House policy analyst, Barbara Honegger. Yes, it's three hours long, but don't fear. The time passes really fast as her information, let's call it 'her evidence', is riveting viewing that one might imagine could stand up in a court of law. LOL.

She starts with the multiple plane-attack War Games active on the day of 9/11 and the parallel Anthrax attack that everybody seems to forget about. PENTTBOM was the official FBI title of the report into 9/11, not PENTTPLANE or PENTTJET. Barbara's detailed findings about The (wedge one collapse) Pentagon Attack is worth sitting through it all. Seriously, this contains so much new information, it's essential 9/11 viewing.

AIPAC and PNAC form the core of her devastating summary.

BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN supplemental: here's a follow-up interview with Barbara Honegger pertaining to the above presentation.


Anonymous said…
Wow, sadly though the real terrorist will never be arrested for this. The mainstream media also will always prevent the public from getting the truth because MSM was behind or involved . So fricking sad. I lost faith in this country after 911 because I knew before 1 truther even said WTF that the whole 911 story was a lie. Hijackers with BOXCUTTERS jealous of my freedom.... They didnt even plan an intelligent story or try to.