2001 - the Alchemical chronicle - Jay Weidner

yes, a Freemasonic financial pyramid aka In God We Trust

remember, Kubrick and Clarke's film was called 2001, and we all know what happened on September 11th 2001 -- and we've all heard the official 9/11 report that, "Muslims did 9/11."

Is the Europe-invasive and godma-ruthless Sharia Law the Freemasonic NEW WORLD ORDER or ordo ab chao One World Religion? And how does it relate to the Black Monolith or Egyptian symbolism of the Dollar Bill that illustrates this post from 2001?

Game, Set, Match... but first we must play our part:

Beyond the Infinite - Kubrick's Odyssey II from Max Ehinger on Vimeo.

AFTERNOON SATURN-ALIA UPDATE: you're slowly but surely beginning to believe that there's really something to this whole Saturn-Solar System... so, let's explore the planet Saturn a little more closely, referencing remarkable historical findings and apply them to our modern understand (or worship) of THE GODS or the celestial planets in alignment or elsewhere...


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