The Forgotten Promise - Sherry Wilde - cover appreciation

as far as the interviews/presentations I've seen/heard with/by Sherry Wilde go, the cover of her book The Forgotten Promise (Rejoining Our Cosmic Family) is as close as a cover illustration comes to perfection.

Reminds this blogger of that poignant cancer-care advert where the diagnosed cancer-man is stood in the blistering cold wind of the arctic, stood there in his flapping green hospital gown, shivering and alone.

Similarly, this cover illustrartion has the clean infestation (or manifestation) of the UFO-people and their chrome light-craft and below it the young girl left shivering and cold upon the heath overlooking the gravity-valley of her pre-programmed future. I like the font, I like the choice of colour, the layout of text. All of it. I love it.

I'm looking forward to reading this revelatory book by Sherry Wilde, somehow somewhen somewhere.

EXTRA STUFF: Joanne Summerscales of AMMACH (anomalous mind management abductees helpline) recently reappeared in the role of interviewee to give a sympathetic couple of hours with Sherry Wilde; enjoy and remain positive.


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