Dr. Carol Rosin - Gulf War was planned - ten years in advance

Free Planet remembers the first Gulf War, back in May of 1987. I remember what I was doing the night the MICC or Military Industrial Congressional Complex (sic) unleashed the Tomohawk cruise missiles upon Saddam's territory. Back then, it was never mentioned or suggested or inferred or remarked upon that this 'war' might have been a MICC-engineering exercise to sell more weapons and exert more force upon You The People.

Here, ex-NASA aid Dr Carol Rosin tells of the meetings she was in concerning 'space based weapons' and how War World does business.

"...and the War in the Gulf happened, right on time," Dr. Carol Rosin.


RNichols said…
In 1987 Reagan was still president. The Gulf war was in George H.W. Bush's term.
Mike Philbin said…
it's okay, I experienced a temporal rewrite - the re-scheduled Gulf War (under Bush) was a 1990s affair. :)

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