DREAMS ARE OUR SAFEWORD - what are these physical - places we visit every night

expanding the premise that 'the dream worlds we visit' every night are real, physical places, elsewhere in our universe.

These places have their own complex physicality. Many times they involve cities or complexes of houses or rooms or streets that co-exist and evolve and mutate and grow and shrink - there are certain places we revisit or certain quests we rerun. They're dreams, right. Not real. But why should this only takes place during our dreams, at night, when we're sleeping? When we're unconscious? When we can't injury ourselves or our galactic neighbours?

What if these worlds we're transported to are 'real places out there in the universe'? Maybe night-time physical unconsciousness is 'the safest place' for such (physical (actual (nightly))) inter-galactic travel/communication, for both us and for them, the people occupying the worlds at the far end of our journeys...

NOTE FROM LAST NIGHT'S INTER-GALACTIC JOURNEY: he/she came to me in that distant place and showed me how to really 'draw properly' and he/she used very few movements of the pen. It was just TOO BEAUTIFUL to watch. Just a short note to let him/her know that I enjoyed the lesson GREATLY. It made me weep with joy. 


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