Under The Dome - The Ultimate Conspiracy - 1956 nuking the sky to break it open?

Hahahahahahahahaha! I love insanely creative and disturbing crazy shit like this, maybe I'm just a natural story-listener...

While this blogger'd be the first to shriek and rant and rave and scream with total conviction that, "I am not a Flat Earther, I am not a Flat Earther, I am not a Flat Earther," I realise that such a squared-circle construct would make Ice Ages (pressure changes) and Noah Floods (turning on the tap) much easier to achieve with no celestial intervention from either rocks or UFOs. And the dinosaurs could have still existed, the underfloor lava-heating would incinerate any history beyond a few tens of thousands of years, in theory.

I realise this really convincing documentary from Mark Sargent comes pre-loaded with golden-honey spoonfuls of Neuro-Linguistic Pre-programming and his cleverly-scripted and carefully-hypnotic narration style is like a victim moth to a lurid flame, but...

Dark City, Truman Show, The Village - Hollywood knows Flat Earth is real, right? And this documentary would make the perfect Hollywood film, as is; make it now for a 2017 all-theatre global release. Get ready to question everything, right? Ready? Steady? Go...

EVENING UPDATE: look, "I am not a Flat Earther, I am not a Flat Earther, I am not a Flat Earther," and I really don't like doing this to you'all, but... I've gone off and watched some more, well a lot more, Flat Earth videos (or those claiming to be so) since posting this morning's UNDER THE DOME polemic and you know what? Curvature of the Earth, Freemasons and fish-eye lenses... this is a crackin' video amendment for you to experience for yourselves, use your own judgement - this might just all be bullshit, and it might all be PROVABLE USING MATH.

Yes, I know about the mirage effect of ABL or Atmospherically Bent Light, do you think I'm a fucking moron or something?

And while I already know it to be true, I got really afraid when the following video showed a) USA's President Barry Soetoro (we all need an operational name or three) using his pre-scripted public-speech very-expensive time to denounce this (ludicrous!) FEC or Flat Earth Concept and b) "Every country is a tax farm." I know it, but it still scares me that we're this fucking stupid.This fucking enslaved to be Master'd by T.H.E.Y.


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