JRR Tolkein - Lord of the Rings - European history in the Ice Age?

map of old Europe, as envisioned by Tolkein

12,000 years ago, (ice age) Europe was a rather different place due to the global seas and oceans being lower and JRR Tolkein researched all the Ancient Kings of Europe of that era via the vast swathes of historical documentation written in ancient languages he found in the basement of the Bodleian Library here in Oxford.

Free Planet always suspected that Tolkein's world was based on a map of the UK, but the above map suggests that the Lord of the Rings had a much wider geographical scope, that of All of Western Europe. You can just make out UK beneath the district of Eriador. Rohan & Gondor in France and Spain, repsecitvely. Mordor in the (drowned) Mediterranean region. Lindon out there in the upper Atlantic, where the original Atlantis was said to be. But still connected to the western-British land mass...

Is this a map of Tolkein's vision of that ice age time, and was Lord of the Rings (and the Silmarilion before it) a reflection of those discovered kings and their trials i.e. history, not myth. Giants, metallurgy, armies of genetically modified chimeras. magickal forces of surveillance via Sauron's interminable rod of molten iron?

Was there a REAL ALIEN/SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE upon this Earth in those times, and did man defeat it?

SEVENTY YEARS LATER UPDATE: 1945, 1952, 1959, 1966... when I was born. 1987, 2001, 2008, right up until 2015, is this what Hollywood really meant by the Seven Year Itch? 2015 was the tenth anniversary of this alleged seven-year cycle or itch that's been playing out since 1945 when Europe was first envisioned. The following frank discussion is about the invasion of Europe by middle-eastern males aged between 18 and 25. Weidner and Palmgren go at it in the most astonishingly uncensored and fearless way about this Greatest False Flag to date: the infestation of European (and American) small towns and villages with Sharia law advocates and all the brutality of Freemasonic SWR or Single World Religion.

Would all the giants of Tolkein's world have had CONEHEADS or Extra-ordinarily Elongated Skulls? I'm just asking as a revisionist polemic more than real interest in discovering the Truth of our Global Heritage, tha no's. We know there were coneheads in UK around 3,500 BC but maybe they all 'fled to Egypt' once their game was up.


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