Tron Legacy - reboot that shit - using the same footage

RE-EDIT that lovely stuff... what?

Yeah, there was nothing wrong with Tron Legacy... visually. It had some LOVELY SET PIECES like this...

But then THE STORY GOT IN THE WAY and what do I mean by this? Gods of Egypt. What's that got to do with ANYTHING? Videogames, most reviews have stated to-a-man that, "Gods of Egypt looks like a videogame," and it made me wonder why is that a bad thing. But then 'films aren't videogames' in the same way that 'books aren't films' i.e. it's a totally different medium.

But Tron is a videogame, and the fantastic, rendered, kinetic excitement-pixels or data (which still exists) for the rot-that-became Tron Legacy and it could be re-rendered out of its narrative-doldrums into something beautifully artful and suspenseful and meaningful to the visually/aurally alert. Looking at most videogames, the real stinker is (generally) the dialogues, or character-quips, or interactions within the game, and it's the same here. I suspect that if you get rid of most of the Tron-speaking, you get a better interaction with the alien world of Tron. How much to cull though? Central character speak, is fine, but he should get no response. Can this not be about his fucking dad? Can we discover that later? Like it's not a fucking bland dad-prequel, or how he found his lost childhood, ffs?


What would a de-storified TRON LEGACY look like? Which characters would we lose? How would such a re-work be spliced back together? What is the real starting point of the film? Is it anything to do with the ending or the middle or the beginning? What will the Language of the Gamers be, before Qura arrives to plague the day? Giggle-squeaks and pops, like old BBC micro download screen? Will Michael Sheen even exist? I'd love to work on this art-project of re-sculpting Tron Legacy into something worth watching.

Give me that job, Disney Corp. I'm available now until me new job starts in ten days.


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