Владимир Петрань - Vladimir Petran - oil paintings with a sculptural surface.

Belarusian artist Владимир Петрань makes art that looks like it has a sculpted or embossed surface and I love it, especially this first Lepidopterist image.

According to the artist who's just explained his 'process', there's nothing sculptural or embosssed about the art they're just OIL PAINTINGS. As fellow artist and New Zealander Phil DuChard said in reaction to this post, "Oil paints can't do that."

Simply superb.

Narratively, this last image (above, for me) tells of the splitting up of this Free Planet into seven or eight warrior territories... and I'm not sure if this segregation was done before or after the end of the last Ice Age or about the time of the Great Cataclysmic Flood or Floods that happened between 9,500 and 10,500 B.C. on this Earth.


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