Ghostbusters 2016 - new trailer arrives - I ain't afraid of no Mommies

I ain't afraid of no Mommies

Seriously, have a look at this, Sony've shamelessly rebranded the whole Ghostbusters NY-savers for the mommies's. That's what they'll call the 10s, the 2010s that is, they'll call them The Mommies's.

When original geek-quartet Venkman, Stantz, Spengler (and Zeddemore) were running around in their nuke-packs cleaning up the streets of NY, Ghostbusters reflected a society of sacked corporo-gov employees turned entrepreneuers. This 1984 film can be said to have heralded the first snatched breaths of the DotCom Bubble.

I just don't get who Sony are appealing to here, in 2016's relaunch of Ghostbusters. Apart from The Mommies. I really don't get it...


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