Rob Skiba - 2045 hybrids and immortality - forget all you thought you knew about your holy books

but... but... Free Planet is a renowned as a stanchly agnostic place for You The People to start your journey into a non-profit patent-unprotected world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship that isn't ruled by the Corpo-Religious Oligarchy game of Constant Consumerist Capitalist War of Ownership... right?


So, why (the day AFTER global woman's day) is Free Planet condoning you watch this chimera-drenched biblical video presentation from The Prophecy Club, ffs?  Well, agnostic means you can't actually prove the existence/or otherwise of a 'god' or 'demon' or 'hybrid' or 'giant', so why bother me with the cries and shrieks and denunciations from your high-n-mighty moral plateau. Free Planet (whatever the source) has to be about ONLY THE TRUTH, and if this guy thinks he's found it, then let's hear his story.


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