Sunday Morning 'Slogan Art' piece - fractured chains - CSO impotence

...chains, right? We all have them. Money. Job. Race. Creed. Colour. Profit. Patent. Power. Godma of all brands and tastes... And they way I see it, we're there. We're all (or enough of us to make a difference are) at that point in our lives where we can SEE THEM. We can see the fractured chains. We can see a way out. We understand that we're the only person keeping the fractured chains in place. It's our indecision and acceptance of so-called fate that leaves us in this ethical limbo.
We have two options:

a) leave the chains in place and let the links reseal
b) slip 'em, while we have the Window of Opportunity

"This is a Free Planet occupied by seven.five billion living breathing loving seeing feeling collaborative inventive wise and wondrous human beings." never forget that while you're vascillating about your CSO or Corporate Slavery Options.

CREATIVITY, PASSION & KINSHIP, that's the Free Planet way.


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