The Sacrifices of Free Planet - peddling the lie - everything must go!

it's just like one of those gawdy home-made signs for a yard sale but it has Free Planet relevance.

Over the last ten thousand years of Human Empire, You The People tacitly allowed The Corporate War Machine or Your Royal Ruler to trample your sensibilities with idiot law after idiot law, in your name. You sign the non-disclosure agreements for yourselves so that you'll never hear the truth of the world in which you live. It's like you're putting your hands over your ears, screwing your eyes shut and screaming, "La, la, la," at the top of your collective voice.


Well, apparently not. And it's not necessarily your fault. You've been too busy slaving away for The Corproate War Machine, whether you understand this or not. You've been under the cosh of thematic, religious, economic and territorial brain-training for millennia. You're not well in mind & body and need caring for poor hapless consumer. You're told how you should look, how you should think, how you should feel. Cudgeoled into acceptance of these proscribed idiots ways of existence. Punished by the advertised ways of slave-trade living you take for granted. Shh... it's our little secret; just you and me.

1) Your yesterday is a lie:
much of what you call 'history' is written by the victors to applaud their own brutality, so it's not real IT'S MARKETING.

2) Your today is a lie:
much of what you call 'society' is written by the controllers to fill their own coffers, so it's not real IT'S MARKETING.

3) Your future is a lie:
much of what you call 'aspiration' is written by financiers who aim to make as much profit from their control of private patents and assets, so it's not a real tomorrow IT'S MARKETING.

Marketing is a really emotive word to use, but it's true: you are nothing if not bombarded with sage advice from global snake-oil salesmen EVERY SINGLE DAY. And you accumulate garbage. Garbage for the home. Garbage for your toilet. Garbage for the mind. You take on so much of this crap because it's sold to you by clever people who've been through University or ruthless people who've sold their mothers for a dollar or psychotic people who are so power hungry that they'll trade with the enemy of the corporate wars they instigate in the first place in the name of profit and patent and ownership and control.

EVERYTHING MUST GO means a new broom to sweep away old lies; let's start Free Planet.


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