The Earth Expands WITHOUT Gaining Mass - Peter Woodhead - Andrew Johnson

EGA or Earth Gravitational Anomalies

Richard D Hall of Rich Planet TV presents a refutation of the Primordial Fireball idea of the formation of stellar planets, which ties into the Expanding Earth ideas of Neal Adams and James Maxlow without the need for a gain in mass. So, not a locked core of cooling metal or iron that is fed by some unknown mass-inventing mechanism, but an always venting core of liquid or ocean sheering the aglomerated plates of the Earth apart... some interesting NASA footage of a drop of water being 'contaminated' by heavier elements which move out to the crust or outer surface, which you will see has a) a stretched bubble-gas core and b) either end of which could be where and why ice caps form.

Part One and Part Two of this five-part interview from Rich Planet are waffly preamble or Introduction to the Ideas of an Expanding Earth - for those of you who aren't already up to speed, click the links above and get yourself prep'd.

Part Three (below) is where Andrew Johnson finally goes into his version of the Expanding Earth Theory that himself and Peter Woodhead have come up with - this includes the NASA water-drop footage...

EDITORIAL COMMENT: yeah, this is all crazy stuff, but so were the ideas of Copernicus and Galileo in their time. Free Planet is doubly interested in such a Boiling Earth theory as it has connections to the idea of Water Planet - Water People - Water Universe specifically in light of Electric Universe concepts and mechanisms. The other electromagnetic aspect is water expands as it cools as well as expands under a change of pressure... it's all grist for the mill.

Additional 'tectonic' thoughts: friction causes heat, and when the continents rub together do they cause Earth Lightning, like hailstones do in storm clouds? Earth Lightning? Well, think about it, we only HEAR the thunder of the storm if we don't see the lightning. Maybe we only hear the earthquake (and witness its destruction) without seeing the lightning that causes the frictional boom? :)

Tetrahedral Gravity: look at the spinning Earth image at the top of this blog, it's been advertised (very recently, and wrongly) as The Earth Without Water which is just a bunch of nonsense: the Earth without its oceans is still as smooth as a billiard ball. What the above image shows is the difference in gravitational strengths across the globe. Er, it's a TETRAHEDRON with four points of opposing high-gravity areas connected by planar areas of lower gravity.


Unknown said…
I follow a lot of good sources of truth but never hear details on our spiral/concentric galaxy, it is being pulled by our sun as we & all our planets follow it spiraling concentrically.

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